How do you create rich user interfaces on Android? For example like the Facebook and Twitter apps have?

I can only find tutorials to create basic user interfaces with simple list views, text boxes and buttons. I can only assume the Facebook and Twitter app use web views with HTML/CSS to create theirs?


  1. Edge
    Jan 07, 2011

    Check google app inverter for Android
    no programming req.

  2. yuckybear
    Jan 07, 2011

    As a starting point, see this video:

    and read this article:

    Both are about Android UI patterns and both use the official Twitter app as an example. I don’t think that app uses web views; it looks like it’s mostly list views. I can’t be sure without seeing the source code though (which I don’t think they ever ended up releasing like they had planned).

    You could check out the source code of the stock Android apps (Music Player, Email, Gallery, etc.) that come with the emulator to see how they do things.

    There are a lot of tutorials at

    You could also use a visual program like Droid Draw

    These visual layout programs still aren’t the best, but they help in the beginning to see how XML layouts work and you can use the code generated to get you started.

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